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What is a fur kid?

  Fur Kid, as quoted from the dictionary, breaks down into this. Fur=synonym for hairy. Kid= child. Yes, indeed, this is a sitting service for your hairy children……aka pets. Don’t let them hear you call them the “p” word, though!

  My dogs and kitty are my children and hence the name of the business. I, like all of you reading this now, am crazy about my pets. I would only entrust them to someone that I believed to be extremely capable and understanding of their different personalities. I hold myself to this same standard of excellent care and competency when it comes to dealing with your……"pets”. I am also fully insured as I believe it is important to have that security to offer pet parents when it comes to their fur kids.

  FurKids PA is all about enjoying your pets. Walking them, running with them, letting them snuggle in my lap (even if it is a Great Dane), giving them more treats in a day than they get in a month and coming home covered in dirt and slobber. Basically, they are your children and become my grandchildren. I get to be the fun one who gives them everything they want and pay 100% attention to them. They love me.

  I also want pet parents to know if your kids have behavioral issues, it’s ok. I have worked with shelter dogs for years now and understand that quirks happen! If your dog jumps on me, it’s ok. If they lick me obsessively, it’s ok. If they run and hide when they meet me, it’s ok. I do have a great understanding of dog behavior and am up to the challenge and willing to work with your pets.

  Enough talk…….make the phone call already and book your free consultation!