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Services offered by Fur Kids Pet Sitting

15-min. visit:
This service is usually best for just a  quick break outside to do their business,
stretch their legs and get a little play/cuddle time in.

      30-min. visit:
This service is the perfect amount of time for a bathroom break, feeding time and
some extra love and attention or a short walk.

     1-hour visit:
This service is for those pet parents that want to show their "kids" a little extra love. It allows for a potty break and a feeding time (if applicable) with plenty of time left over for some good belly rubbin' or an extra long walk around the neighborhood to burn some energy.

Vacation/Holiday Visit:
This service is for those days or nights that you have to go away and leave your fur kids behind. Whether it is a day-trip or a weekend, we've got you covered! This service can be customized to however many visits you would like throughout the day. Your pet will be happy, relaxed and well-cared for with plenty of potty breaks, exercise and all within the comfort of their home and normal routine.

This service includes transportation for your pet to and from locations. It may be a trip to the vet when you're unable to take them or pick-up due to work schedule. Or a visit to the groomer so they can look their best before company arrives and you just don't have the extra time.

What is a "field trip"?

A field trip is a time where your pooch can get out to explore the great outdoors. It's a change of pace. Something out of the ordinary. An amazing, life-changing, transcendent experience for your dog! Ok, maybe that's a little too much, but it IS a chance for your dog to explore some new territory such as the nearby park, a hike in the woods or a swim in the lake. Every person needs variety in their routine and dogs are the same way. Much like us, they get bored taking the same route around the same neighborhood and smelling the same smells. BORING! It's time to spice up your dogs life!

How long do the field trips last?

Each field trip is at least an hour of actual exercise/outdoor time. This hour does not include driving time for pick-up and drop-off. At times, the field trips may be longer than an hour depending on my schedule that day, but will always be a minimum of one-hour exploring time.

Where do the field trips take place?

The field trip will revolve around parks/trails that are near your home location, generally within a 5 mile radius. I have at least a couple to choose from in all of my current service areas. If there is one that you know your dog enjoys going to, please let me know! If there are several nearby options, I will vary which one we go to. After all, the whole point of these trips are to allow your pup to explore something new.

When do the field trips take place?

For now, I am only offering these trips on Wednesdays and Fridays, but I may offer more dates in the near future.All field trips will be done in the mornings, with an expected pick-up time to be between 7:30-8:30 a.m. I chose the morning time for a specific reason.  What your dog does at the start of the day sets the whole tone for his/her day. If you wear your pooch out in the morning and give them proper exercise and fulfillment, they will go into a natural "resting" mode when they return home and wait for you. An energetic and unfulfilled dog is a naughty, destructive dog. Also, the temperature will be cooler in the mornings, especially as we approach summer.

What is the cost?

Each field trip visit is a flat fee of $35. This covers gas/mileage for the pick-ups and drop-offs as well as a one-hour exercise time.  Field trips are a great way to burn off some energy, gain confidence by exploring new things and generally just have a good ol' time!

How many dogs can go on a field trip?

Everyone knows that doing things with a buddy is way more fun than by yourself, right? I can take up to two dogs on a field trip. These two dogs must either be from the same household or doggie buds already who play/ are around each other on a regular basis. There is no additional fee for the second dog. Both dogs must be in the same location for pick-up and drop-off. However, all pet owners are required to do a consult and  have all paperwork signed before their dog is allowed to participate.

How do I book a field trip?

To book a trip, email