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Why Pet-Sitting?

There are many advantages to pet-sitting done in your own home as opposed to a boarding/daycare facility.

1. I am sure your pooch is THE most well-behaved and perfect dog around. However, that is not true of all dogs and when you throw together a pack of 10 or more dogs with different personalities, energy levels and training, you're going to have conflicts. Unfortunately, these may sometimes result in physical injury or mental injury such as your pet becoming defensive or nervous around other dogs because of a bad incident. Pet-sitting eliminates that altogether.

2. I am sure you are aware of how schoolchildren pick up each other's sicknesses and germs. The same is true of dogs. This can come in the form of worms, fleas or other sicknesses passed from sharing toys, water bowls and various other "lovely" things dogs are known to do around each other. Not only will these things affect your pets, but it's coming home, too!

3. A pet-sitter while you're away for an evening or an entire week will make your house look "lived-in" with various visits throughout the day so it doesn't appear as though your house is empty. Lights can be left on, mail brought in, etc. so that no one is the wiser about you being gone.

4. It's probably common knowledge that a pet is going to be most secure and comfortable in surroundings that are familiar to them. I cannot emphasize this enough. I know that I wouldn't be able to enjoy a vacation knowing that my pet was nervous, unsettled, not eating or drinking normally and just plain miserable because they were so stressed out from the changes. Some dogs do handle this better than others. However, all dogs do experience some level of stress when placed in a strange place with new sights, sounds and smells.


 Why Dog-Walking?

Do you ever wonder why your dog enjoys destroying your most precious possessions, or why they still have so much energy after running around in your large backyard? Here a few reasons why it is SO important that your dog receive regular "outings".1. They are BORED! If we had to sit at
ourselves......with nothing to entertain us......for at least eight hours....we would be going out of our minds! Imagine doing that five days out of the week. There is nothing to look forward to, no change of pace and believe me, your pet will find a way to occupy it's time!

2. So, you say you have a large backyard that they can run around in. Think about this. We all know that dogs are descended from wolves, some more closely than others. They still have the same general DNA and needs. Wolves travel around 30-45 miles a DAY to search for food, shelter, etc. Dogs have that same innate need to have a purpose to travel, explore, search out new territory. Whether you have a Chihuahua or a Siberian Husky, they all have a basic need to travel.

3. Dogs need a change of scenery. Just like people. Going back to the fenced yard; yes, it is great to have and definitely a way to get out the Heebie-jeebies, but it is the same backyard every day for hours on end. Even if you lived in a mansion, you would get tired of being within those walls and want to get out and explore something new.  I wonder if we would even last four days being stuck in the same house and backyard before we were chewing on the furniture!

4. It's healthy! Come on, let's all admit it.....exercise is good for us and our pets! As much as it hurts us to say it, it's true. A healthy diet and good exercise on a daily basis is going to enrich your pet's life in a huge way. I believe in the benefit of exercise for physical health as well as mental health. It reduces stress, invigorates and leaves us tired out so that we can enjoy rest. And the same applies to your pet. Tired, happy pets make tired, busy pet  parents happy! That's a tongue-twister!


 The Method Of Exercise

Dogs all have very different energy levels. This is due to breed, personality and owner's lifestyle to an extent. A Newfoundland is not going to have the exercise needs of a Boxer. However, two Boxers may have energy levels completely different from one another.  Basic factors do play into energy levels, but it is very specific to the particular dog and has to be evaluated on an individual level.

     We will work together to decide what method of exercise is best for YOUR pet and adjust as needed.